Top 5 Tips For Spring Home Improvement Projects

While we certainly have benefited from a mold winter year, there are always home improvement and home maintenance projects that should be taken care of each spring. Along with planting new grass, landscaping, or preparing the garden for summer, you should always check the roof and exterior of your home.

Whether you are looking to sell your property or remain there forever, if you make sure to care for your property each year, your home will remain in great condition.

  1. Schedule your annual gutter cleaning. If you are in the habit of cleaning your gutter at the beginning of each season, your home will be better prepared to handle any upcoming storms. Your gutters will be free from debris and the water will flow away from your home, which will help avoid problems with water around your foundation.
  2. Inspect your roof for leaks. Ice and snow can cause major problems during the winter. Additionally, shingles may have torn during storms, which need to be replaced.
  3. Check for critters. Small animals may have found their way into your gutters, eaves, or other parts of your home to nest during the winter months. Be sure to get these guys out so they don’t cause any additional damage.
  4. Fix any broken downspouts. Often downspouts can get displaced or moved slightly during violent winter storms. They can even sometimes be ripped from the side of your home by a plow. Make sure to have them reinstalled properly early on the spring to handle seasonal rains.
  5. Repair any holes in siding or facia. Many times facia or soffit exposed to harsh elements will be subject to rotting. Taking care of this when it first occurs will prevent major problems down the road.

A qualified roofing and gutters company can both fix any small problems and inspect your roof for any potential major problems.

Many times taking care of these small maintenance problems will help you avoid the cost of having to replace a full roof or gutter system.