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What is the best rubber roof coating?

I have done over 20,000 square ft using Gaco Western in Boston, MA and Rhode Island, and I feel that silicon roof coatings are the best approach to stopping leaks and preventive roof maintenance.

Silcon rubber roofing is a great solution as a quick and cost-effective approach to a roof repair, as well as an Energy Star advantage for adding LEED points to a building’s energy plan. On top of being a financial advantage, it is considered a maintenance cost and repair.

Recon Roofing has become a preferred certified contractor in rubber roofing. We are certified with Gaco Western 2000 100% silicon roof coatings, which provides a quick and easy alternative to a complete rubber roof repair or replacement.

When applied by a professional like Recon Roofing, this is the best rubber roof coating option for the money.

Robert MacKerron
Owner, Recon Roofing


How long will a rubber roof last?

EPDM rubber roof systems will last at the most 20 years with a 5-year touch up to the flashing as needed. At the 10 year anniversary it is the perfect time to coat the rubber roof with a 100% Silicon 2000 with 88% solar reflective. Applied at 23 mil this will get your roof an additional 20 year warranty on the silicon rubber roof system. The silicon rubber will last 50 years.