Solution for Hicks vents problem

Below is a video showing a home we performed a gutter cleaning on in Lexington, MA. While there, we discovered a problem with the Hicks vents and potential for ice dams.

In Lexington, MA and were called here today to clean the gutters. This is another instance of finding issues while performing routine service, and we always tell the customer. The roof is fairly new, and looking at it from the outside it seems the installer did a good job. Looking into the gutters we find mold, mildew, etc. and it is time to replace the gutters. The drain pipes should have been painted, and while they are clear at least one needs to be replaced. As we continue our inspection we find a hicks vent. A hicks vent is a ventilated drip edge that runs down into the back of the gutter and is wide open. Because this is a flat roof, snow and ice is going to build up and work its way back in, which causes an ice dam. A roofer should have never done it this way, and we are going to show the homeowner and suggest that they have this fixed immediately. This is just a leak waiting to happen. Our recommendation would be for the original roofer to come back and fix it, or we can do it for them.