Insurance Claims

Do you need an estimate for an Insurance Claim for your property? Let our years of experience help.

We understand that many times you need a fast roofing estimate in order to meet a deadline for an insurance claim. We can provide you with an accurate qualitative and quantitative estimate for your roof system and home. In addition to a detailed report, we can provide you with a video of your roof that can be submitted to your insurance company.

For your convenience, you can prepay using the PayPal link below. We will contact you and let you know the time we will be out to your property.

To Schedule Your Insurance Estimate, simply call us at 617-924-1133, or click below to submit payment, and we will contact you and complete

If you choose to hire us to make any repairs within 90 days of the estimate, we will then apply the fee to the cost of the job.

If you need a Same Day Estimate, please be sure to contact us at 617-924-1133.

Many times adjusters or an inexperienced company will overlook potential problems. Once a claim is submitted, it will be difficult to re-open a claim as an insurance company will have completed the payment and closed the file.

To watch a video showing a detailed assessment showing some issues that might have been verlooked, click below.

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