Gutter Cleaning – Jamaica Plain

Below is a video showing the results of a gutter cleaning in Jamaica Plain, and assessment of current gutter system.

On Center street we cleaning the gutters on a large home that has been renovated, but we notices that there are many problems that need to be addressed that were not completed properly in the renovation. The fascia is shot because the gutters needed to be replaced. The gutter and fascia is now coming away from the building. We recommended a six inch gutter system and there is a lot of carpentry that needs to be done. The soffitt is caving in and is not in contact. This is an example of bad workmanship and a picture is worth a thousand words. It needs to be taken down and rebuilt with a 6″ gutter system and the appropriate copper and a 3×4 drainpipe.

Nails in the gutters mean that this home was not renovated properly. The drain pipes are inadequate and will not handle the amount of water that comes off the porch and roof. The pitch of the gutters is also incorrect and water is not draining properly. The bay roof needs to be replaced as well as a large portion of the roof. Additionally this home will need a large portion of the fascia and soffitt replaced and/or repaired. This job is huge.