Chimney Repair

A lot of times customers will not want to pay for a new chimney or replace an old chimney, even though the existing structure may be unsafe. This is definitely something that needs to be addresses BEFORE a major problem happens. For instance, a major storm may knock bricks loose, which could fall unexpectedly on children or people below. A chimney left in this condition can also result in major leaks in the winter.

In this case, our customer’s chimney in Wellesley, MA was falling apart and also had a problem with a bat nest inside. While they were unable to replace the entire chimney at this time, we were able to reconstruct enough of it to make sure it is safe and will last for years to come. When they do decide to complete the job, the chimney can be covered with veneer and it will look brand new.

If you have a problem with your chimney or chimney cap, call us at 617-924-1133, and let us discuss the options. It may cost far less than you think to have it safely repaired, and save a lot of potential damage in the long run.