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What is the best rubber roof coating?

I have done over 20,000 square ft using Gaco Western in Boston, MA and Rhode Island, and I feel that silicon roof coatings are the best approach to stopping leaks and preventive roof maintenance.

Silcon rubber roofing is a great solution as a quick and cost-effective approach to a roof repair, as well as an Energy Star advantage for adding LEED points to a building’s energy plan. On top of being a financial advantage, it is considered a maintenance cost and repair.

Recon Roofing has become a preferred certified contractor in rubber roofing. We are certified with Gaco Western 2000 100% silicon roof coatings, which provides a quick and easy alternative to a complete rubber roof repair or replacement.

When applied by a professional like Recon Roofing, this is the best rubber roof coating option for the money.

Robert MacKerron
Owner, Recon Roofing


Welcome to our new website!

We want to welcome you to our new website and thank you for stopping by to see all that we have to offer. We are proud to serve the Greater Boston area with quality roof installations, gutter installation, gutter cleaning, and chimney repair services. We have been in business for over 20 years, and are proud to have many of your neighbors as satisfied customers.

We’ve spent a great deal of time building a website that will serve you in your search for a reputable roofer or gutter cleaner. We know there are many options to choose from, which is why we have provided absolutely everything you need to make your decision easier. You can find our Business Licenses, Insurance information, customer references, BBB accredidation, videos, and links to our partners in our community.

We hope you enjoy our site, and are ready to help you with any roofing need you have.

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What Makes a Customer Give a Bad Review?

Something I wanted to discuss today was bad reviews of roofers. We are fortunate to not have any customers who were dissatisfied with our work and felt they needed to get online and bash our good name. But unfortunately, this is a common practice in the roofing industry. And I wanted to disspell the myth that all roofers are bad guys who can’t be trusted. In fact, most of us are reputable, hard-working individuals who want to help the customer.

We know roofing or gutter cleaning or repair is the last thing you want to spend money on. But we also know how important it is. We don’t want to cut corners because it will mean problems down the line. Often, customers don’t realize when they choose the cheapest alternative, it ends up being more expensive in the long term. Sometimes, this causes customers to feel the need to write a bad review on how a contractor was trying to coerce them into spending more money.

Another thing many customers don’t think of is we risk our lives every time we step onto a roof. Whether we are repairing a damaged roof or shoveling snow in the dead of winter, there is always a risk of falling or hurting ourselves severely. We have to protect ourselves, and your home. Just by climbing up on a ladder we risk ending our careers and hurting our families. When we make a specific recommendation, we know what is right for the job, and to get it done safely and efficiently.

However, you should always be thorough in your research and not just let anyone crawl around on your home. Some questions you might want to ask a potential contractor you are considering:

– If you have a bad review, why did you receive it? Was there a legitmate reason?

– What did you do to resolve the situation?

– What provisions do you have in place to resolve any disputes?

We have been in business for over twenty years and seen all types of customer situations. That is why we are fully insured with comprehensive liability and workmen’s comp through our insurer Marshall & Diggins. This is not just to protect us, but our customers and their property.

Of course numerous bad reviews might mean that contractor doesn’t take their business seriously, and you should be careful hiring them. But do a little research, and you will be able to tell the reputable roofers from the rest of the pack.


Installing Tapered Roof System

When installing a rubber roof, it is often on a flat surface with no pitch. This is where it is important to create a tapered roof system before laying down the rubber.

Using roof ISO recovery board and starting at 2 1/2” we work our way down to 2”, 1 ½”, etc., to ½” pieces in order to create a pitch, or slope for the roof. It’s really easy to overlook this step. You could simply put down a ½” recovery board to adhere the roof to, but this will cause problems later on as water accumulates on the roof.

Below is a 3-part video series showing the exact process, and how easy it is to achieve the desired result.