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Emergency Rubber Roof Repair – Woburn, MA

Below is a video showing an emergency rubber roof repair on an apartment building in Woburn, MA.

In Woburn, MA we were called out to do a leak repair and spoke with the tenants who were complaining of a mold and mildew smell. Upon closer inspection we found that the rubber ballasted roof had pulled away from the flashing that holds the edge tight. When the roofer installed the nailing strip, it was never fastened down. The wind during the storm caused the uplift and water is able to travel into the building. We came up with a temporary solution to extend the flashing so that water is shed without running in.
We did an emergency repair by removing the flashing and stripped in a patch and reattached the fascia and we are going to leave it this way. We also installed two, two-way vents in an attempt to vent the moisture that is trapped inside the roof. This will buy the owner time to arrange financing and get ready for a completely new roof.