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What is the best rubber roof coating?

I have done over 20,000 square ft using Gaco Western in Boston, MA and Rhode Island, and I feel that silicon roof coatings are the best approach to stopping leaks and preventive roof maintenance.

Silcon rubber roofing is a great solution as a quick and cost-effective approach to a roof repair, as well as an Energy Star advantage for adding LEED points to a building’s energy plan. On top of being a financial advantage, it is considered a maintenance cost and repair.

Recon Roofing has become a preferred certified contractor in rubber roofing. We are certified with Gaco Western 2000 100% silicon roof coatings, which provides a quick and easy alternative to a complete rubber roof repair or replacement.

When applied by a professional like Recon Roofing, this is the best rubber roof coating option for the money.

Robert MacKerron
Owner, Recon Roofing


Church Roof Repair

Below is a video showing a complete roof repair of the Holy Cross Armenian Catholic Church in Belmont, MA. We were brought in to fix multiple leaks in the church roof, as well as some damage to the roof structure.

This was a very complicated job, requiring careful patching and repairs in hard to reach areas, taking a full crew to complete.

Rubber Roof Repair in Brookline

Below is a video showing one of our more challenging recent projects in Brookline, MA. This is a two-foot parapet wall ledge that we had to tear down in order to install new rubber roof system.

We also had to spend a week trapping a nest of squirrels that were coming in through a hole and rebuilding the rotted wood before applying the rubber roof system on the ledge and the perimeter.