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Gutter Replacement

New gutter replacement in Newton, MA

This is a home in Newton Highlands, MA. We originally installed a wood gutter system in this home 15 years ago. Due to the lack of cleaning and heavy rains and nearby trees, we are now replacing these wood gutters with new aluminum gutters.

We will be changing the pipe system from a 2 x 3 to a 3 x 4 large drain and a 6-inch gutter in the front to accommodate the amount of water coming off the roof.

New Gutter System – Brookline, MA

Below is a video showing a project where we are hanging a new gutter system and trying to save an old slate roof. We’ve replaced the rotted facia as needed, and covered it with a bronze facia metal, then tucked it up underneath the slate, which will allow the water to drop down into the back of the gutter. If we didn’t do this, the water would continue to run free and rot everything out. This is the key to this job, as well as zip screwing the front of the gutter to the bar hanger.

This was a complete gutter replacement in Brookline, Masschusetts.