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Fixing Gutter Problems

We recently shot a video of a home in Sudbury, MA which had an improper installation of Hicks vents and a gutter guard system. The customer had problems right from the start with clogged gutters due to the drainpipes being too small.

Additionally, the combination of Hicks vents and gutter guards should never be used as it causes snow and ice to build up on top of the gutter guards and then ice dams can form right up inside the roof, causing damage to the facia, siding, which eventually can cause major leaks.

If you would like to watch the video that shows the problems this type of installation can cause, click here.

We hope you find this video informative.

-Bob Mack

Gutter Repitch – Newton, MA

Here is a recent video of a gutter cleaning and gutter re-pitch project in Newton, MA. While we were there we noticed a crack in the roof, and were able to alert the homeowner to potential problems with roof leaks and problems with the chimney. This roof can either be repaired temporarily, or stripped and replaced.