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Copper Gutter Installation

We’re down on Charmin ave in the South End of Boston, and are ready to hang the gutter for this condo association. We are changing the angle a bit of that pipe to resolve an issue with the red bracket dripping, and will allow the water to go down through the gutter. The new gutter is complete copper. It is sealed in the back and we changed the configuration so that it rests on the roof and comes straight down. We had to re-screw the front lip at all the way around the perimeter because it had lifted. We used brass screws to provide a long lasting seal. Wind was getting under the front side and this will solve that problem.

About 50 percent of them were loose, but we re-fastened them all just to be sure. We dropped the pipe so that it sits on the roof allowing the weight to be evenly distributed onto the roof itself. This project was a complete success.