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What is the best rubber roof coating?

I have done over 20,000 square ft using Gaco Western in Boston, MA and Rhode Island, and I feel that silicon roof coatings are the best approach to stopping leaks and preventive roof maintenance.

Silcon rubber roofing is a great solution as a quick and cost-effective approach to a roof repair, as well as an Energy Star advantage for adding LEED points to a building’s energy plan. On top of being a financial advantage, it is considered a maintenance cost and repair.

Recon Roofing has become a preferred certified contractor in rubber roofing. We are certified with Gaco Western 2000 100% silicon roof coatings, which provides a quick and easy alternative to a complete rubber roof repair or replacement.

When applied by a professional like Recon Roofing, this is the best rubber roof coating option for the money.

Robert MacKerron
Owner, Recon Roofing


How long will a rubber roof last?

EPDM rubber roof systems will last at the most 20 years with a 5-year touch up to the flashing as needed. At the 10 year anniversary it is the perfect time to coat the rubber roof with a 100% Silicon 2000 with 88% solar reflective. Applied at 23 mil this will get your roof an additional 20 year warranty on the silicon rubber roof system. The silicon rubber will last 50 years.

What is the difference between a Liquid EPDM roof and silicon roof coating?

Liquid EPDM is a seamless roof coating. It is an Elastomeric rubber roof product verses a 100% silicon seamless rubber roof system. These rubber roof systems are 1/2 the price and are superior to the old EPDM black fully-adhered rubber roof systems. They are also much hotter–180 degrees in the sun while the the silicon 2000 white cool roof system is at an ambient temperature.

Keep in mind, whatever system you choose is only as good as the roofing company that applied it, and the roofing company’s experience and track record.  It is always important to ask any company you are considering working with if they have experience in roof coatings.

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