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*Price may vary depending on degree of difficulty. (Difficulty means degree of difficultly, location of project, and time of year.)

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Our gutter cleanings are done by hand blowers and with hoses. We exceed industry standards, and are fast, inexpensive, and reliable. We have been charging $299 to $500 or $100 per unit for condo complexes, depending on the size of living space in the buildings and how long its been since they they have been serviced. We also consider the location of the city or town, as well as the time of year (if there is ice or other obstacles), and the degree of difficulty on the job site, i.e. parking etc. We make certain we have the proper time it takes us to service our customers.

At this point we can evaluate what is needed to keep your gutters flowing, with a four-seasons approach to evaluate your needs. We have found that larger drain pipes are the best solutions to help in extreme weather conditions. We are an on-the-spot fully prepared Roofing and Gutter service company with the ability to stop leaks before they start, fix existing  leaks ASAP and warranty our repairs. We can video or just take pictures before and after so that you can see that the job was completed as agreed and not have to take time off of work or interrupt weekend plans, using new  technologies which can make doing business with us quick and easy.  You can receive invoices via email at which point you would be in our system and  we could send you a simple reminder in the fall when it’s time to clean your gutters. In most cases we can service your home the same day without anyone home. We do need water to  be turned on and cars to be moved away from the house. It is recommend closing windows and moving children’s toys from the yard, etc.


As a leading gutter cleaning company, with thousands of satisfied customers in New England and over 30 years of serving the community we are constantly on the lookout for products and equipment that will help us and our customers stay safe and satisfied. We have recently begun offering The Extreme Gutter Cleaning Service. This is performed with a HEPA vacuum then  an  inside and out gutter cleaning with a power America pressure washer that has the capability to deliver water temperatures up to 200 degrees. This can even melt ice, remove stains, and with a concentrated power washing pressure as high as 1600 psi, this is sure to sanitize your gutters and make them free of mold, mildew, and other harmful elements. We recommend this kind of service  every 5 years in order to protect your home from what potentially is in your gutters: hazardous building materials, mold, mildew, dead birds, nests, bird and squirrel dun, mosquitoes, years of rotting leaves, and debris of all kinds. Gutter covers will trap many of these substances, and can create the potential for all kinds of breathing hazards, asthma, allergies, etc.  (Contact us for pricing of Extreme Gutter Cleaning.)

Real Estate Roofing Estimates and Insurance Claims:

We understand that many times you need a fast roofing estimate in order to meet a deadline to close a home purchase or for an insurance claim. We are able to offer fast, accurate estimates, and can also provide you with a video of your property.

If you would like to automatically schedule your estimate online, visit either our Real Estate Estimate or Insurance Claim page.

Recent Projects:

As a roofing contractor, we understand what it means to stand behind our work. We are proud of each and every one of our jobs, whether it is a roof repair, complete roof installation, or annual gutter cleaning.

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